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Try a workout in Lawton, Oklahoma that will challenge and transform you

Tired of hitting the treadmill day after day? Choose a fitness program that challenges your mind and body. Black Dog Crossfit offers crossfit training designed to help strengthen your muscles and prevent injury during everyday activities. Crossfit workouts strengthen your core, back, arms and legs to assist in everyday functions, and you don’t have to be an athlete to reap the benefits. It’s a great way to torch calories, strengthen your heart and build self-esteem. Our trainers will show you on a daily basis how you can tap into your inner strength to conquer new challenges, and give you confidence inside the gym and out. Drop by one of our free Saturday sessions to see what Black Dog Crossfit can do for you!

Kick Fear to the Curb

Build a foundation for fitness at a Lawton, OK gym that’s not intimidating

Most people hear "crossfit" and immediately shy away, fearful of the much-hyped intensity of the program. Yes, crossfit started as the choice strength and conditioning program for police academies and professional athletes, but it’s gained popularity for a reason. There’s no need to be afraid. Let the coaches at Black Dog Crossfit guide you through a workout that challenges you and ups your fitness level while keeping the intensity within your comfort zone. You want a workout that makes you sweat, but if you’re uncomfortable, we know it’s not something you’ll want to come back to. Our knowledgeable crossfit trainers will build a foundation for you and help you set and achieve personal fitness goals in a healthy, safe way that you’ll love. Discover a new way to get stronger at Black Dog Crossfit.

Feel Good About Your Body

Cross train at a local Oklahoma facility to get a workout like no other

Black Dog Crossfit is the only gym of its type in Lawton, OK, offering programs and crossfit techniques practiced by no other area facility. Your fitness coach will take you through a fun, challenging workout, and can also pair it with nutrition services that keep your energy levels high and make you feel great. We’ll transform your body safely and effectively, and instill a new confidence in you as we help you achieve new fitness goals every week. Plus, we’re the only place in town that gives you the chance to try workouts like power lifting and Olympic lifting. Get off the treadmill and into the Black Dog Crossfit community today.

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