Black Dog Bio

The seed of what now is Black Dog CrossFit was born in summer of 2013. Darren Marks, Co-Owner dreamnt of a gym that people from all walks of life could come together to move, have MORE energy, and build a better, more rounded version of themselves. Over the years, BDCF has developed into more than just a gym but a community of like minded individuals that want to live the Best possible Life for themselves and their loved ones! We are not just your conventional gym but like to consider ourselves a full service facility. Packages include goal/priority setting, InBody Scan/Nutrition Consultations, and and one on one appointments with professional coach to ensure that YOU are in the program that best suits your needs. We carry a variety of programs from BootCamp for beginners, mobility, to Main Floor CrossFit for those fire breathers looking to step up their intensity to max a PT test. Our members range anywhere from 16-71 years young but all have 1 thing in common.... To live happier, healthier, more energized lives!! We look forward to all of our member's success to come and excited to meet you soon. : )

Best & Blessings,
The Black Dog Team